Tips for Class Leads
  • Contact your class teacher by October 1, 2016 to determine what days/times are best for scheduling GRACE Art in their classrooms. This year we will be scheduling ALL GRACE Art sessions at the BEGINNING of the year, so please ask your teachers to pick dates for the four sessions within the following ranges:
    • October (Carmen Lomas Garza)
    • November (Frank Lloyd Wright)
    • February (Photography)
    • March (Robert Lobe)
  • If you have an assigned docent other than yourself, be sure to include them in the scheduling discussion with your class teacher.
  • Complete a Ravensworth E.S. Event Planner Form (bottom of this page) and turn it in to Ms. Betty in the Office. She accepts scanned forms.
  • Contact the coordinator with your scheduled dates/times once approved by the Office.
  • Be sure to review the step by step instructions and prep materials before your presentation time.  
  • Copies of the Step by step instructions for projects will be in the blue and white binders that are located on the supply cart.  They are also available in Drop box which you can get access to by contacting Sara Ortiz.  
  • Review if there are any adjustments for age and plan ahead.  Example, grades K-3 would benefit from pre-folding 1 or more papel picado papers for each student and using stencils will help grades K-4.
  • Communicate with your Docents so they know how to best help you.
  • Have fun!
Sep 9, 2015, 12:02 PM