You Can Volunteer...

as a Class Lead

The Class Lead volunteer is responsible for:
  • Ensuring that your assigned class receives all four GRACE Art sessions for the year
  • Corresponding with your assigned class teacher to schedule four GRACE Art sessions (first contact by Oct 1, 2016!)
  • Organizing your class lesson leaders (docents) and helpers so that they are on-time for their session and prepared
  • Acting as your class' default Docent, should other Docents be unavailable to lead a session
For tips on being a Class Lead, click here.

as a Docent
The docent leads a session lesson and is responsible for:
  • Retrieving the GRACE Art cart of supplies from its home
  • Meeting with your helpers outside the classroom door 5 to 10 minutes before your session to brief them on the session craft and implementation
  • Speaking to students for 10 to 15 minutes about an artist. We provide docents with all the materials they need
    to do this!
  • Leading students for 45 to 50 minutes through an artist-inspired craft
  • Returning the GRACE Art cart to its home
For tips on being a Docent, click here.

as a Docent Aid
The docent aid assists the class docent and is responsible for:
  • Passing out craft supplies
  • Helping students complete the assigned craft
  • Cleaning up after students have completed their craft 
For tips on being a Docent Aid, click here.