How much time is required?
You decide.  For each of the 4 modules presented, volunteers are encouraged to spend 30-60 minutes preparation.  Many volunteers choose to participate in more than one class presentation, but this is not required.  You do not have to commit to more than one class activity.

Do I need experience in art or teaching?
No.  We provide training and materials to ensure classroom success.

Do I have to teach in front of the class?
No.  Many volunteers choose to be a Docent Aid, who helps set-up the materials and work with the students during the activity portion of the presentation.

When does GRACE Art give these classroom activities?
Parents and teachers schedule at a mutually convenient time -- we want to help you fit it into your own personal and/or work schedule.

Does it cost anything?
GRACE Art is entirely funded by the Ravensworth PTA.

Do I need to commit for the whole year (all 4 artist presentations)?
No.  Volunteers are encouraged to do what works for them.

How will this help my Child?
Help Your Child Succeed

What does GRACE Art stand for?
Greater Reston Arts Center Art in the Schools. Click here for more info.

Will I suffer through endless meetings?

No.  Participation is entirely voluntary.  Additionally, leadership for this organization values the economy of brief,  effective meetings where members are free to leave when they need.

May I teach/help in my own child's class?
Yes!  It is the absolutely best, most fun part of the program.

May I participate in classes my children are not in (including other grades)?
Yes.  It is a good way to get to know all the teachers and to compare classroom environments.  Parents of children in the lower and middle grades find this a good way to get to know the teachers in the upper grades. 

Do the kids like it?
Yes.  This is a special activity that takes the place of a portion of their routine lessons.

I am busy - if I don't volunteer someone else will,  right?
Perhaps, but if we do not have enough volunteers, we cannot guarantee your child will get GRACE Art .  If no parent(s) volunteer for your child's class, your child will not get GRACE Art.

How Can I Volunteer?
Contact the GRACE Art Team.