Teacher Resources

A bit about GRACE Art ...
  • Volunteers are responsible for contacting the teachers to schedule. You should have a Class Lead contact you by the end of September. If you do not hear from a Class Lead by October 1, please contact Cecilia Alvarez at graceart@ravensworthpta.org
  • Volunteers will need 50 minutes to 1 hour for a session. The first 10 to 15 minutes of the session will be a lesson presentation pertaining to an artist or art technique. The remainder of the session will be a parent-led 45 to 50 minute artist-inspired craft. 
  • Please refer to the GRACE Art calendar for available dates and times when scheduling your 4 sessions with your class lead.  Scheduling will be within the following dates:
October (Artist TBD)
November (Artist TBD)
February (Artist TBD)
March (Artist TBD)
  • We are always recruiting parents willing to help with GRACE Art for your class. Please forward parent names and contact info if you are aware of potential volunteers.
  • Teacher participation is completely up to the teacher.  Teachers are encouraged to join their students and create projects of their own.
When can I schedule GRACE Art in my classroom?
Your GRACE Art session can be scheduled during the above date windows. Please work with your Class Lead to find dates/times that work best for you and your docent(s). If you're unsure if a date is available for scheduling, check the GRACE Art calendar to confirm another classroom hasn't already scheduled for that date/time.