What is GRACE Art?
GRACE Art is a parent-led, supplemental art program that brings parents into the classroom four times a school year to help enrich students' learning experience through art education. GRACE Art is supported by the Greater Reston Arts Center, the Ravensworth Elementary School PTA, and parent volunteers. Our parent volunteers are a crucial component to the program's success. If you haven't already, please consider volunteering to be a part of the program in your child's classroom today! 

Benefits to volunteering in the program include:
  • Seeing your children in their classroom environment
  • Getting to know your child's teacher and classmates
  • Meeting other parents who also volunteer
  • Contributing to your child's education
  • Learning new things about art
  • Helping to make Ravensworth Elementary a more enriching school for your children
Keep in mind, you do NOT required to have any art or teaching experience to volunteer.  The only requirement is a desire to have your children see you as a source for learning in the classroom!  Contact the Volunteer Coordinator with any questions or if you're excited to get started as a volunteer in the program.

A bit more about the program...

What makes GRACE Art so unique and worthwhile is that it is run entirely on a volunteer-basis by Ravensworth Elementary School parents.  Volunteers participate in the program by bringing art and art history into the classroom with teachers and students.   All materials and training are organized and supplied for you with funding from the Ravensworth PTA.

For the 2015-2016 school year, we have four presentations scheduled:  Carmen Lomas Garza (October), Frank Lloyd (November), A Short History of Photography (February), and Robert Lobe (March).   Volunteers meet the third week of the month prior to each month.  The purpose for this meeting is three-fold: learn about the selected artist, discuss ways to teach him/her to the kids at each grade level, and review the art or craft project details for the unit.  After the meeting, parents can directly schedule presentation time(s) with the teacher(s) of their choice (teacher list).

The content and subject matter of each portfolio is firmly tied to the current visual arts curricula in Fairfax County. In addition, the program can be used as a supplement for interdisciplinary teaching. The portfolios focus on a particular artist, style of art, or a theme of art. Each portfolio contains the following:   
  • A minimum of six to eight large laminated reproductions
  • Three to four comparative teaching boards
  • Written biographical information on the artist, subject matter, or theme 
  • Related art or craft project (appropriate for grades K-6)
  • A highlights page regarding the most important aspects of the portfolio

    It is easy and fun; your kids will LOVE seeing you teach in the school (even your 6th Graders!).

How can I get involved?

The first step is to contact US at graceart@ravensworthpta.org